Student Employment Success Is Just As Important As Financial Aid

r5Is it better for students to receive 20, 40 or 60 thousand dollars in Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans or obtain the information, training and guidance that greatly increases their chances of landing A Job that pays 40, 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year?

Of course it would be great if a college would do both.

However, there are comparisons that can tell us where your college stands on this issue.

Where does your college put its money and its personnel?

Total Financial Aid Dollars (Dept. Budget, Scholarships & Student Loans)

vs. Total Career Services Dollars (Dept. Budget)

Number of People who work in the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who work in the Career Services Dept.

Number of Students who Receive Financial assistance from the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who receive Job Search Preparation assistance from Career Services

This raises many other questions:

1. When a student receives financial aid in the form of Student Loans, but is not prepared to conduct an effective Job Search Campaign and therefore does not receive a job offer that pays enough to live on their own and pay back

7 Steps to Surviving College

hhThere is a big difference from high school and college. In high school, teachers help guide you, assignments are fairly easy, and you have time to partake in many clubs or sports. In college, you are completely on your own and you control if you will fail or succeed. Professors give you the necessary information needed, but it is up to you to successfully guide yourself through the classes. Assignments are harder and take more time; and because you schedule is filled with projects, exams, class assignments and presentations, there is not much free time left for clubs and organizations. Because of this dramatic change from high school to college, students are not prepared. This means they can get behind easily and potentially fail within their first year. But from my experience, students should obey the following 7 steps to successfully survive college without going crazy or potentially fail.

1.) Get Organized. From tests, assignments, projects, club meetings and study groups, you will have a full schedule while in college. It is very easy to fall behind if you do not stay

Global MBA for Global Career Prospect

trrMaking the perfect choice of degree and university eminently leads to a brilliant career. It is necessary to choose a career path based on your potential, knowledge and interest which will result in good use of your skill and will make all the differences. Many students aspire to study abroad and define their career path. Studying abroad will ensure world class education, perfecting English knowledge base and will teach you to be productive enough to discover, create and innovate in future prospects. Pursuing education in the Universities abroad will definitely be a lifetime opportunity for you.

When it comes to studying abroad you get a wide variety of courses to choose from of which Management courses are more widely opted for. Pursuing a degree in an international management program gives you a better edge over others and increases your chances of grabbing the best job opportunity. There are many prestigious universities offering management programs and each of them has varied admission requirements, costs and of course benefits.

A global MBA from a premier university will give you the necessary skills in marketing, finance,

Advantages of Buying CBSE Books Online

dddThe Central Board of Secondary Education or more popularly known as the CBSE is a Board of Education prevalent at major private and public schools of India under the flagship of the Union Government of India. Every year this board conducts deciding examinations of the students of the 10th and the 12th standards. The board examinations are believed to be the stepping stones in a student’s life which determine their career diversions. Based on the results of these examinations High Schools and colleges grant admission to a particular subject or course to these students. They thus play the key role which determine the student’s career path.

The CBSE curriculum is designed using a holistic approach to help develop and nourish a child’s mind and body and lets him grow into a logical and rational person with sound mind. The most comprehensive ways of the curriculum helps the overall growth of the child. And hence, every child needs the best possible guidance and grooming to be the best of the crowd. Choosing the correct textbooks helps him do wonders in this matter.

The essence

Top 10 Best Universities in the World

xxThe university rankings across the countries and the world are listed by considering many things. Of course, it is the powerful faculty, the intelligence of the students and the scholarly excellence that come first to estimate the rankings. Next the campus, the ambiance, the facilities that the universities offer the students and the involvement of the institutions in creating the new scientists, engineers, teachers and doctors of the future are judged to incorporate the names of the Universities among the toppers.

Though, it is a very complicated and challenging process to select the top 10 best universities in the world because how an American University can be the best among the universities in China and vice-versa! On the contrary, it is pretty tough to organize a tough fight among the Ivy League institutes with that of the century-old educational institutes of the European countries, especially UK -The Great Britain. Even the University of California is counted by many among the top 10, but it is not an Ivy League. Then how can anyone judge that the great state university is anyhow inferior

Significance of Pursuing M.Sc in Medical Physiology

vjMedical Physiology is that branch of science that deals with physical, mechanical, biochemical of human body including their cells and organs. The physiology basically focuses on the body systems and organs. This field of study is closely associated with anatomy, form and functioning that are quite related and studied together with the medical curriculum.

Universities generally offer a three-year degree course of M. Sc in Medical Physiology to study biological sciences and take up research and join the teaching profession in the relevant field. Under this programme, the focus is on imparting skills to the students so that they are able to prove themselves productive enough in their professional endeavours.

Aims and Objectives of This Discipline

The objective behind offering this programme is to make the students proficient in certain aspects after it ends. The aim of this course is to develop such skills in the aspirants that may help them understand both systemic and general physiology. Also, the motive is to make them understand the physiological concept of health and ailments affecting various systems and organs. In addition, the emphasis is on making

What College Courses Don’t Teach You

tttCollege classes are great. They may last for only 45 minutes, your professor may or may not have invented ethernet, and they can be really really interesting. What makes college courses different from high school classes is that you’re actually taking classes that are specific to want you want to do for a career, and you therefore are more motivated to pay attention, study, and take the knowledge you learn in class, outside of the classroom. However, is what we learn outside of the classroom more valuable than what we’re learning during lectures?

It is no secret that there are certain jobs that you absolutely need to have years of classroom experience in. I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer to have a surgeon who went to undergrad, medical school, and went through residency compared to someone on the street who has a pair of scissors looking to make some cash. On the other hand, there are multiple types of jobs that benefit from an employee having background knowledge about the topic, like teaching, but employees will learn the most

College Degrees Are The Nation’s New Currency

tyyCollege degrees are the new FIAT currency, it seems like everyone has one these days. The promises of success that just await for anyone who is willing to sign their names on the dotted line. It’s unfortunate how many of us have fallen for the dream of a great future and only to find out that you are just like the rest.

Working in drab corporate offices and indulging in office politics as it is the only way to get ahead in the corporate world. Work and toil your ass off hoping for one day maybe you can sit back and relax and not work so hard anymore.

But soon you will realize that the dream they sold you when you were younger was just that a dream! A dream where you will never achieve in your real life and if you do you will always be under some one else’s boot.

You realize this while you sit in traffic in the morning rush to get to work. In a cubicle breathing unfiltered air and being around people you do not like. This is what

Making Education More Expensive Through Subsidies

hhOne of the cardinal rules of economics is that if you tax something, people consume less of it, and if you subsidize something, people consume more of it.

Another cardinal rule of economics is the basic law of supply and demand: When people consume more of something, the price increases. The converse is also true.

When you put these two rules together, it is easy to understand why things like health care, housing and education tend to increase in price faster than things like chocolate bars and snow tires. The tax code offers a big subsidy toward the consumption of health care, because employer-paid insurance is not taxable to the employee actually consuming that care. The law does the same for housing by making mortgage interest deductible.

The price of a college education could not have increased nearly as fast as it did over the past few decades had the government not stepped in, first to back and then to directly issue vast amounts of student debt at interest rates that do not reflect the reality that many borrowers will never be able to satisfy

How to Answer the UC Wait List Essay

uj23Being in California, the UC schools loom large for a lot of my students. Many of their parents have attended UC schools, and the system’s stellar reputation combined with its low sticker price make these schools top choices for many of my students and their families. Admissions decisions for the UC schools are being released throughout the month of March, bringing good news – and some disappointment – to high school students around the world. But for some students, the decision exists somewhere between a yes and a no, in the form of the wait list.

One of the challenging things about the UC application is that there’s one form that covers all the schools. So whether you’re applying to one school or multiples, you only get to submit one application, one set of essays, and one list of your activities and achievements. When all the schools see the same materials, there’s not an opportunity to discuss specifically what you love about any particular school. Unless you get invited to join the wait list.

Many colleges will accept and even encourage waitlisted students

The Reasons Why London Remains The Best Place To Study Accounting And Finance

cjLondon is one of the most prestigious capital cities of the world, and is well-known by tourists for its wonderful attractions including the expansive Houses of Parliament and other historic monuments. It is not only a top tourist destination, but is also a place which attracts thousands of students each year to study various subjects.

One of the most common topics studied by students coming to the city is accounting and finance. This is not only studied by people who are looking to get university degrees or diplomas at college, but also people who are looking to improve themselves professionally and progress in their careers. Yet why is this city so popular with people looking to advance in accounting and finance?

Part of the answer to this question is that London is one of the top financial centres of the world and is indeed the most financially competitive global city as noted in the recent analytical studies by Z/Yen Group. Indeed, the city has recently overtaken other world leaders such as New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong to take the title of top

Accounting Education Changed by Globalization

xIt is clear that “the current economic environment has caused great shifts” (Petkov, 21) that coincide with the way we must reproduce our accounting system. This growing need for legitimacy of accounting information begins with enhancing our education. The skills we learn through changing curricula, both in an institutional and work setting, will allow us to be better prepared for unexpected situations that will come in a globalized business world.

One of the first issues to discuss through globalization’s impact is the tax system. Considering the many different needs of social programs from country to country, the tax rates would have to change to support the different priorities per nation. Also, the income gaps and levels will range dramatically and would require restructuring to avoid any disastrous situations in making this change (Petkov, 24). As accountants, our education would need to support the necessary actions to enact a universal tax system.

The most largely talked about topic is the differences between IFRS and GAAP. Since these two systems are used to produce financial statements for large corporations, we must be able to compare and

A Closer Look at the Three Most Common Student Housing Options

uy23Finding student housing is an important part of your college experience. There are several things to consider when you beginning your search. For example, if you are looking to have a roommate or how close you want to live to campus. Here is a closer look at three of the most common student housing options.

Traditional Dormitory

The most common form of student housing are dormitories, which two individuals share one multi-use space. In some buildings residents may be permitted to have a single occupancy room at a higher rate. These spaces are typically furnished with beds, desks and closet space. Other furniture such as dressers may also be included.

Occupants may receive microwave/refrigerator combination units or may opt to rent these for an additional fee depending on the university’s policies. Dormitory residents usually have one or two bathrooms that are shared by all of the residents on a floor. There also may be a common area with a couch and television that is shared by all the residents of the same floor. Many dormitories have coin-operated laundry areas and kitchens that are available

Enter University With A Scholarship

vvA tertiary education can be expensive, but if you can get a scholarship it can help to greatly reduce the financial burden, leaving you free to focus on your studies and forget about money worries.

What Is A Scholarship?

It is an award offering financial aid for students to further their education. Scholarships can come from many sources. Some are offered by the university or college while other scholarships may be granted by the government. Benefactors and private organisations as well as companies often offer scholarships for tertiary education related to their field of business. Participants will be awarded a scholarship based upon certain criteria that address the specific nature of the scholarship being offered.

How Scholarships Work

As mentioned above in order to be granted a scholarship the applicant has to adequately address certain criteria set out by the entity offering the scholarship. This criteria will differ with each type of scholarship offered and for varying fields of study. There is not usually an application fee to apply for a scholarship. Some institutions offer a round of scholarships annually, while those offered by private

5 Things To Immediately Do About Your Dorm

pWhen you move out of the comfort of your home that was spacious into a smaller shared room, instantly you get into a “basic living” mode. Dorms serve the basic purpose of living i.e. a bed, a side table and a cupboard.

Don’t worry there are others too in your same situation. To begin your year of freedom and independence why not start on the front foot with our simple dorm room organisation tips and enjoy the simple and easy joys of living.

Under the bed

This is your first space you would always want to store your things. You have seen your parents use it, and by trade you used use it too. In college, the space under your bed is vital; I know it sounds crazy. But you make do with what you have. College life is where we have to rough it out.

Wall storage

Your bed will be in one corner of the room. Use the blank wall as a storage or it can double up as a wall of memories. Go to any fittings store and you will find a range

College Students Earn Their Job Offers Before They Graduate

ioIt should not come as a surprise to college students that good jobs do not just fall into someone’s lap. The students who receive the best job offers have earned them. Therefore, it is important to understand that the term “earned” means that the student’s performance has been consistently good throughout the college years. It does not mean a last minute flurry of improved performance near the end of the senior year.

Employers look for the students who meet their needs, wants and expectations. To give themselves the best chance for landing a good job in their areas of interest, students must find out what their target employers want and give it to them. That’s why wise students conduct some serious research early in their sophomore year. They select a career direction, identify jobs that are of interest, gather information about the employers that have those jobs and pin down exactly what those employers expect to see in the candidates for those jobs. In that way, interested students will have four or five semesters to do the things that their target employers

The Key to Influential Brand Ambassadors

ggRemember the last time you asked a friend or acquaintance for a reference?

You do this so often that you may not be able to recollect the last time. It’s either for an electrician, plumber, photographer, contractor, or even a hair dresser. We trust these people and value their references.
However, chances are high that you might consider the referrals of a “limited few”, while shrugging off references made by some others. They probably fail to influence you.

Successful Habits

While some people influence others strongly, some fail miserably; thanks to differences in their personalities. It is therefore essential for brand representatives, who carry the brand and image of a company to be “influencers”.

Here are the characteristics a brand ambassador must possess to be effective influencers:

• Knowledgeable: They need not hold a marketing degree from a reputed university, possessing hands-on-knowledge about the market and a basic understanding of modern marketing strategies and marketing principles is sufficient.

• Enticing Personality: Hoards of knowledge and information are a waste if they cannot entice the prospect to the brand. An enticing personality, a winning attitude, and the power

5 Tips To Follow While Purchasing Cheap Textbooks Online

deBuying textbooks for school is becoming increasingly costlier, and many students are finding it difficult to afford them. Although there are cheap stores and used book stores that offer affordable rates, the cost can get lower only until a point. There is a really better and cost-effective alternative in online purchases. When you buy cheap textbooks online, you can get the maximum value for your money and not have to spend a lot. Here are 5 important tips to use while looking for low-cost text books online.

Use ISBN no while searching

Ever since 1970, every book which has been published in India comes with a unique ISBN number. The International Standard Book Number might look like a meaningless string of numbers but can be useful for searching about the actual worth of books online. Rather than searching by title or author name, you can use ISBN number of the book to make your searches more effective. You can make your searches quicker and more accurate.

Compare prices

Using comparison shopping engines is a great way to check the prices for similar books at

Delay Attending College

jkRecent employment statistics in the USA strongly imply that investing in a costly college education is risky at best. Look deeper for more details in the headline news from the Department of Labor that proudly boasts that hundreds of thousands of new jobs were added. Between September 2015 and March 2016, 14 times more of those new jobs went to unskilled workers who did not have a high school diploma than to those who had a college degree.

Essentially, this is a measure of performance of a service industry dominated economy. Over time, the USA has lost much of its manufacturing base to third world (emerging) nations. Essentially, both the over-taxation of U.S. industry when combined with the little or no regulation and the cheap unskilled labor in the third world, has encouraged the moves. Especially, when a key industry competitor made such a move, the other U.S. companies that produced competing products were compelled to move their manufacturing out of the USA too.

What does this have to do with college? College, since the 1950’s, has churned out graduates who mostly took

Applying to American Public Universities

fParents and students both worry about the college admissions process.

Relax. For American public universities, the admissions process is neither complicated nor overly challenging.

The first thing to understand is what is required, and what is not.

Most public universities have streamlined, electronic applications. The process is not complex. They want limited information, and their websites state clearly that they will not review materials beyond those requested.

So what do they want? Public schools generally request four things: a student’s grades, one standardized test (SAT or ACT), a list of the student’s activities, and one essay. They seldom request additional essays or tests, and they don’t want or need teacher recommendations or interviews.

During the junior year and the fall of the senior year, high school students will take the SAT or ACT. They can and usually should take the tests more than once; most colleges will evaluate applicants using only their highest scores. Although these standardized tests are not entrance exams, they are perhaps the most important consideration in the application review by major universities. Therefore, it is wise for students to study diligently for